Monday, 2 September 2013

Rare wader at east chev

A White-Rumped Sandpiper came on the pager today whilst i was in Shibdon pond :0 off i dashed to tick my 255th species of the year :) very distant though so only shots i could get were with my phone threw the scope, cracking little wader and the 4th white rumped sand iv'e had :) Decided to look for a new vehicle today as i'm sick of the 20mpg that the landrover drinks, think i will go for the new mercedes citan van which gets 70mpg :0 imagine the twitches i'll get to in that? even somewhere to sleep if an overnight stay is involved :) lol. hopefully i will have it before i set off to the scillies as the fuel bill will be nothing :) i best get my finger out and get the deal up and running (like tomorrow) lol. Not a white one though.
White-rumped sandpiper @ east chev

Redshank @ shibdon 400mm lens

Lapwing @ shibdon 400mm lens + 1.4 converter same distance as redshank (testing)

Snipe @ shibdon 400mm lens + 1.4 converter little closer than lapwing (testing)

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