Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wheatears have arrived

2 wheatears at burdon moor this am were a nice sight, the first ones in always seem to be shy and don't let me get close to photograph, but i'm pleased with the shot i got. 150+ kittiwakes on the tyne bridge aswell today, ruff was still at shibdon pond. very cold in that northerly wind but it could heat up a bit tomorrow just like the birding as the wind swings around to southerly :) a sand martin or ring ouzel would be nice in the morning? got to view a house at 11am, so tied up for a while but should get back out in the afternoon sunshine :)
love to see these birds in spring time, burdon moor is the best place in Gateshead to see them

kittiwakes are doing well at the inland nesting site in Gateshead

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