Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just another mega ticked ;)

Pied-billed grebe ticked today at Greenock, Clyde, loch thom. Set off at a delayed 4:15am :0 and arrived at loch thom for 7:30am after a couple of pit stops, 2 birders on site and no sign of the bird :( i had a good walk around from the east shore to the west shore and still no sign, then i drove around a couple of other lochs in the area and still couldn't locate the bird. I decided just to have a 1/2 hour nap and let other birders do the work in hope they would put the news out on the pager if they found it? when i woke up i had a coffee and decided to go into Greenock for a bit of breakfast but when i was leaving the loch i noticed a line of birders in the nw corner of loch thom and a few cars making there way up the minor road :0 i thought they must have the bird so followed the crowd, good job i did as they were onto the bird which was tucked into small bay in the nw corner of the loch out of sight from where the bird was seen yesterday (i reported it to rba as soon as i had the bird! hint). It showed well in the scope but a little to far for good shots, after an hour of watching the grebe i decided to do a spot of birding on the Clyde estuary, managed a few year ticks but the best birds had to be the black guillemots in the harbour at Greenock. Another great twitch with some good birds chucked in :) enjoy the photos.

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