Monday, 5 May 2014

Osprey at the reservoir

At last Osprey at derwent reservoir for me :) i have missed a few passing birds but caught up with one today as it was being mobbed by gulls near the hide, the bird was found yesterday according to the sightings board, other birds of interest today 2 cuckoo, 8 wigeon, 4 common sandpipers, 9 great crested grebes, garden warbler, 5 common buzzard, 2 kestrel and a sparrowhawk. shame the light was crap or i could have some cracking photos to post.
Osprey taking the plunge

strange pair

distant cuckoo


  1. Now are you sure that was an Osprey. You know your id skills with birds of prey is dodgy at best ( Goshawk !! )
    Caught up with Pied Fly BUT no W Warbler, guess why. Thank you sir, you're a gent.

  2. lol it might be a lapwing? glad you caught up with pied fly, but you should of tipped john upside down and emptied his sweets out of his pockets so you could manage the walk for the wood warblers ;) lol.

  3. I was willing to go look for them but John was not willing to carry me. Thanks again

  4. It it work a visit before I go upto Northumberland in a few weeks