Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Its raining jack snipe

Started at stella looking at gulls, only birds of interest today were a poss viking gull? Glaucous x Herring and 2 colour ringed Herring gulls. Then i decided to have a walk threw the marsh at Newburn haugh where i flushed 7 Jack Snipe! amazing to watch as they were like butterlies fluttering before dropping back down within 50 yards :) managed a few shots aswell. Since i was in the Jack Snipe mood, i decided to check the marsh at lamesley behind the ravensworth arms for some more, couldnt believe it when i put one straight up which dropped back down on the other side of the pond. I walked back threw the field only to put another poss JS up, i dropped my pager at the same time in the mud :( by the time i managed to get back onto the bird it had dropped into the marsh about 60 yards away, i tried to flush it again but it must of went into the grass. So that was 8 JS and a poss 9 in one day :)

possible Viking Gull? 
colour ringed Herring Gull - 1367
colour ringed Herring Gull - 2z2b
all gull shots taken with phone and scope

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