Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Great days birding

Great days birding in the borough, with 4 new gateshead and british year ticks :) first off was a common sandpiper at shibdon (cheers george), next was a trip to watergate for a black necked grebe and another common sandpiper (cheers rob) also a common tern dropped in for a quick feed before heading off on its journey. Next was burdon moor where i had a peregrine fly over and 20+ wheatear, finished the day with a trip to lamesley water meadows where i had 2 yellow wagtails, 4 white wagtails, 10+ meadow pipits, wheatear, 2 gadwall. Looking good for the next few days aswell, bit rain tomorrow should ground a few things? :) also past the centurion at 4pm on his bike heading into the derwent walk, must be after some migrant action? ;) lol, good luck mate, i'll check your blog later to see if you have ticked anything

Thanks to paul davidson for this great shot of a yellow wagtail, the bird was about the same distance away as in my shot, but the shot was taken with the new canon powershot sx50 :0 great camera for distant birds, will be getting mine soon!


  1. Great day's birding, hope the common sand sticks around til thursday, could be my 100th tick :)

  2. You must be going for great crested newt tomorrow;) good luck, im sure you will get your 100th species at shibdon on thursday, george will find you a good one! Unless he flushes it :)lol , you might get a crossbill tomorrow :0