Friday, 26 July 2013

Amazing Garden Tick

Could'nt believe my luck when i spotted a White Letter Hairstreak butterfly on the lawn in my garden today, i managed to get onto it before it flew up into the tree tops :0 my cottage is  joined onto a wood and i've never noticed that there was a few elm trees in the wood until today when i checked my tree guide. I spotted a couple of small butterflies flying around the tops of the elms, i haven't got any plants for butterflies to feed on unlike next door, so iv'e put a sugar solution out on the lawn in the hope they come down to feed. There is a colony of white letter hairstreaks in the Derwent cp which is on my door step, so maybe these have come from that colony? more than likely they have been there for a while and iv'e just not noticed them, maybe there is Purple Hairstreaks in the many oak trees that border my garden? :0 or am i just being greedy :) lol
These 2 shots were taken in the Derwent cp 2 years ago, no sign of any last year and this year so far, hope they turn up soon. 


  1. Excellent record and like your Graylings the first for 2 years in the borough and Yes you are being greedy :-)

  2. Maybe this is going to be a good year for them. Following on from your record, I had my first ever in my 1ksq this afternoon on Waldridge Fell, here's hoping.

  3. Excellent :) lets hope it is a good year and they spread out a bit :0 great stuff :)