Sunday, 14 July 2013

Good little morning

Little Egret at Shibdon pond today (cheers for call George), it showed well for all in front of hide this morning, next was dragon hunting at Kibblesworth bwp where me and the dragonhunter had best ever views of Emperor male and female :) 3 common hawkers, 2 male black tailed skimmers showed aswell as many four spots and common darters, here is a selection of todays shots.
Cracking views of this Little egret

fishing in front of the hide

the reflection was great also

a quick flight around the pond and it was back perching on the island

great bird in Gateshead

female Emperor eating a four spot chaser :0 what an amazing view

we could hear it munching away

it ate the whole four spot in mins :0

cracking views of this male Emperor

what a dragonfly and a great morning out :)
how close do you want to get to that ''Emperor'' Dragonhunter ;) lol


  1. Answer : "Certainly not as close as that 4-spot did" lol
    Another cracking selection of photos, though don't think the bottom one will win any prizes.
    Great morning out, cheers.

  2. The Dragonhunter's sight is not as good as it used to be or is he trying to roast one. Are they going to be on a certain menu soon. to quote one cookery review.
    "This is my most important tool when dealing with dragonflies," Lemann says, flourishing a pair of long tweezers. ..... He uses the tweezers to pick up one of the Eastern pondhawk dragonflies, members of the order of insects called Odonata, the most common dragonflies in south Louisiana. He and a colleague collected this batch of the bugs in the Manchac swamp.

    "I treat them like fish," Lemann says, dipping the delicate insects, wings and all, in egg wash and then in Zatarain's seasoned fish fry. He has already sauteed mushroom slices in butter, and heated a bit of oil for the dragonfly flash-fry, which takes only seconds per side.

    For serving, each fried dragonfly is perched atop a mushroom slice and drizzled with a bit of Lemann's own recipe for Dijon soy butter. This "Odonata hors d'oeuvre" does indeed taste a bit like soft-shell crab.

    1. Dear Chester,
      I watched Bill Bailey eating roasted dragonfly kebabs when he was doing the prog about Wallace and Darwin. He said they tasted a bit nutty; to me it's a bit nutty eating them. And if you're going to have sauted mushrooms, butter, egg and fish seasoning, I bet a slug or a woodlouse would taste like crab as well.
      Anyway, after Variable Damselfly-gate last week, I was just making sure this was indeed an Emperor ;)

  3. Lol, very good indeed :) if i could buy them buy the bag load and put them on the menu i dare say people would try them :) "dragonfry" lol, all this talk of food has got me hungry :) lol