Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bridled Tern twitch

What a bird :) Bridled Tern on inner farne, set off at 4:15 this morning to catch the 6am boat which was full of excited birders :0 the warden already had the bird pinned down for us when the troops landed, it showed really well flying over our heads before flying over the island not to be seen again whilst we were on the island :( it came on the pager again, so there's a good chance more twitchers will get it today :0 here's some shots of a great bird.

Arctic tern on the farnes

Med gull at shibdon pond


  1. Nice one Steve, what a cracking bird! First time I've been jealous of a twitch in years :)

  2. Very Nice, If only it was with your Med Gull