Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday dodge out

Milkwellburn woods and Far pastures been the 2 sites visited today with the dragonhunter,
Milkwellburn had female broad-bodied chaser and common hawker, large red and azure dams, speckled wood, orange tip, large white butterflies. Only common woodland birds seen.
Far pastures had 3 kingfishers but only 2 seen by me, the dragonhunter found a male broad-bodied chaser on one of the ponds :0 garden warbler x 2.
Kingfisher showing well at far pastures

Dragonhunter at work, you can see his Broad-bodied chaser photos by clicking here

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  1. Sly get! If you'd given me warning I would have put me special dragonhunting hat on !!!