Sunday, 18 August 2013

2 Gateshead year ticks

Burdon moor - 3 x Whinchat a Gateshead year tick :)
Shibdon pond - Greenshank a Gateshead year tick :) cheers George for the text.
Far pastures - plenty of Common darters
My Garden - 2 x Red underwing moths? i keep finding these moths every year in the long grass or on my cottage wall, i'm sure they are Red underwings, im not sure of the status of these moths but i think they are rare"ish" up north? would Chester birder like to id the moth in the photo for me ;) lol, cheers.
Red underwing moth?

2 of the 3 Whinchats at burdon moor

Greenshank at shibdon pond

Common darter close up

Common darter


  1. Superb close-ups of the darter Steve.
    Don't know what the moth is but doesn't look like a red underwing, they're a grey/blue colour rather than brown I think.

  2. Yeah, george has just text me and its a july high flyer moth, might of known it was just a common one :0 lol i must buy a moth book now as the one i use only has 30 species in it :( or i could just keep asking george ;) lol

  3. Steve,
    Back from Hols. Sorry George but the moth doesn't look a bit like a July Highflyer :-( Obviously can't see the underwing in the photo (a bit of a clincher) but the upperwing pattern looks spot on for ... Red Underwing believe or not

  4. :0 well, a couple of years ago i disturbed a lrg moth whilst mowing the lawn and it had red under the wings, these moths look the same. ive seen them a few times but didnt want to disturb them from there daytime roost, if they are about tomorrow i'll try and have a look at the underwing to clinch it. Hope you enjoyed your hols :)

  5. Typical no sign of any moths today :( hopefully they roost on the wall again soon. I can see a moth trap being bought in the near future? And a book would help :) lol