Thursday, 1 August 2013

A nice birthday present :)

Well a day early one, a singing Quail was west of Holywell pond in a rape field this morning :) managed to get a some recordings of it, it was still singing at 9:30am when i left. Here is the best of the footage.
Just going to sit in the garden now and look for the wl hairstreaks and maybe hit lucky with a purple hairstreak :0 i planted some butterfly plants in the hope of attracting them down? Lets hope it works.


  1. Nice song, but didn't think much of the video :)

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, if you could get a tick for your birthday what would it be (within reason)?

  2. Cheers for tomorrow :)
    It was the only gap in the hedge where i could get some footage lol.
    Birds on my wish list within reason are:-
    Gateshead - hen harrier :0 top of my wish list.
    British - hoopoe, red-eyed vireo, pratincole sp and ortolan bunting are up there.
    Hopefully on the scillies this year! :0

  3. Shouldn't have asked really, forgot it was friday and you'd be working all day so chances of any worthwhile birthday ticks were shitty at best :(
    My best of the day was a malaysian wood owl :O
    but along with a harris hawk and peregrine at Alnwick castle they all had jesses on :(
    nice to see all the same.