Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Purple Hairstreak in garden

Had a garden tick today, Purple Hairstreak butterfly in the ash tree :) the bad news is that it has put doubt in my mind to the earlier white letter hairstreak i had as i have not seen any since :( it is possible that it was a female which had just hatched as that would be dark brown on the underwing aswell. I'll just have to keep searching the elm tree in the hope i can finally tick one, until then its off my garden list. No sign of the bonaparte's gull for the third time :( at whitburn, looks like i'll have to wait until its pinned down again?
Buzzard today at Axwell park with shrew

adult med gull, 1 of 5 at Newbiggin last week

four ruff at Lamesley flash pool last week

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