Sunday, 25 August 2013

2 year ticks

Plenty birds to go for on the east coast today, but bagged a Greenish Warbler and Little Stint in Northumberland. Dipped Booted warbler, Icterine warbler and Wryneck :( good job none were lifers. Other birds picked up today were pied fly, sooty shearwater, manxies, 3 arctic skuas. Playing out again tomorrow :0 lets hope these easterlys bring some more migrants in?
Little Stint at West Hartford flashes
Wood wasp, this flew into my parents conservatory :0


  1. Impressive looking beast that wood wasp, a deceptive description as it isn't really a wasp but a sawfly. I hope you realised it was harmless and didn't hit it with a rolled up newspaper :O

  2. Lol, no it flew back out, but not before i grabbed my phone and got a quick shot :)