Thursday, 31 January 2013

couple of hours around teeside

thought i'd finish my teeside trip off, started off at dormans pool where i ticked smew off (1 drake 2 duck), then had a look for bean goose at cowpen marsh but no sign, then had a gull watch at seaton common where i ticked off juv glaucous gull and 2nd winter caspian gull, then it was back to gods country (gateshead) before my car was ready to be picked up, checked the tyne and shibdon before heading off home. i was very pleased with the the last day of jan, considering how the rest of the month went :) 4 bou year ticks were, smew-glaucous gull-caspian gull-great crested grebe.
2w caspian gull - seaton common

juv glaucous gull - seaton common
fieldfare - seaton common

1 comment:

  1. Yip, things looking good after a slow start, nice to see a mythical caspo, shame you had to go so far south to find one, maybe the wind will blow one in for us?