Wednesday, 30 January 2013

numbers are up

after only putting the feeders back out a week ago, numbers of common birds visiting my feeding stations have shot up today, here's today's list :-

long tailed tit 10+
coal tit 3
blue tit 20+
great tit 20+
robin 2
willow tit 2
chaffinch 4
nuthatch 2
jay 2
wood pigeon 4
stock dove 2
blackbird 3
sparrowhawk 1
bullfinch 1 new for garden year list
siskin 1 although 20+ did come into garden and flew off
treecreeper 1
gs woodpecker 1
not a bad day garden watching, i almost forgot about the peregrine (new gateshead and bou tick) i had at burdon moor! also skylark and 50+ golden plover.

treecreeper and gs woodpecker taken in garden

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