Friday, 4 January 2013

things can only get better

not the best start to the new year for me, my worst ever new years day total 40 species. 2nd jan, a little gull was reported at shibdon pond at the time i was there, but i couldnt see anything? 3rd jan i dipped 2 birds, a med gull was at shibdon, but it had flew by the time the sky fitter left my house :-( also dipped on the reported 7 waxwings at lamesley. 4th jan i thought id get an early start at shibdon for gulls, at 8am there was well over 1000 gulls 'ooh' unfortunatly they were flushed by a colleague :-( you know who you are 'bad man' :-) lol. not to worry though 'things can only get better.

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