Tuesday, 29 January 2013

garden birdwatching

a couple of hours walk around the derwent valley with tilly this am (just the usual stuff), then back to the garden for a spot serious birding :) managed to get a British year tick from my garden 1000+ golden plover flying above fields next to hollinside manor, also managed to tick willow tit x 2 on my bird tables and 2 white doves which were a first. overall it was a bit quiet at the feeders today with only treecreeper-coal tit-blue tit-robin-blackbird-great tit-dunnock-jay x 2-stock dove-wood pigeon-white dove-willow tit-chaffinch-nuthatch-lt tit coming into the garden, the numbers of common birds was low. flyovers included carrion crow-feral pigeon-bh gull-golden plover-redwing-magpie-buzzard-siskin-gs woodpecker-herring gull-jackdaw-house sparrow-song thrush, 27 species seen. here's a few photo's of my feeding stations and birds.

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