Saturday, 8 June 2013

lucky text :)

Finished work at 7:30pm tonight, my routine after work would be - go to tesco - give tilly a short walk when running bath - have bath - then sit down with a cuppa and check pager to see if anything is around to go for in the morning? But my normal routine wasnt to be :0 as i was leaving work at 7:30pm i noticed i had a text from rob saying "marsh warbler in the bag" :0 so i checked the rba app on my phone and noticed a marsh warbler was only 20 mins away at st marys island :0 as marsh warblers dont normally hang around i decided to go straight home and get tilly and my bins :0 i arrived at st marys at 8pm and didnt have to wait long before i heard the marsh warbler singing from bushes at the north end of the wetlands, the bird showed briefly twice. So thats why i titled this post as lucky text, because if it wasnt for that text i wouldnt have marsh warbler on my year list:) cheers rob for trying to rub it in when im at work ;) lol. Great stuff!!!

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  1. No sign of marsh warbler the next morning!!! :) lol. Glad i got that text now ;)