Monday, 24 June 2013

Melodious Warbler Twitch

Set off for Notts at 4:30am, target birds were Melodious Warbler & a chance of Ring-necked duck on the way back :0 i arrived at Tiln lane at 7:30am, it took an extra 30mins trying to find the place :( once i parked up the jeep i had a 30 min walk to the site, i picked up cuckoo and green woodpecker on the way, when i arrived there was another 5 birders who already had the bird for my arrival :) the Melodious warbler was singing away but was very elusive, it took about 15 mins before i managed to get some good views :) then it was time to get the camera out and try for a few shots which i'm pleased with the results, i stayed for an hour or so before heading back north for the ring-necked duck which had been reported at Catterick racecourse lake on Sunday night. It didn't take to long before i was onto the bird which was with 16 tufted ducks :) so Melodious warbler was a lifer for me and ring-necked duck made it 2 year ticks today, not a bad day at the office :) finished of with a good walk around Catterick racecourse and a quick kip before heading back home, here's a few shots of both birds.

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