Sunday, 16 June 2013

Singing Wood Warbler

A singing male Wood Warbler was found by Paul Davidson yesterday, which was still in Chopwell woods today :) first for eight years and a Gateshead lifer for me :), this takes the Gateshead year list to 132. wasn't easy to photograph, but as the light got out later in the day, we were able to get some better shots, great find. Also a family of tawny owls and a green woodpecker nearby. Other birds around this week included an eclipse drake gadwall and 2 shoveler at shibdon pond.

Male Wood Warbler


  1. Lovely pics of a cracking bird for the borough. was singing constantly this afternoon but I never laid eyes on it yet. Though I was handicapped by having 3 impatient sprogs in tow :(
    Maybe try again during the week.

  2. Im sure you'll get it, it was still singing today :) dont think its found a mate though :( shame.