Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back home :) with loads to go for!

Back home now after a long long day :( but first a last post from wednesday on St Agnes, made the right choice of where to go birding again as a Pallas's grasshopper warbler turned up on the Gugh!!! About 50+ birders on the island had a controlled flush, a bird flew out of the bush where the pgtips was last seen but no one could id the bird that flew out :( more birders turned up for a few more flushes but with no luck, the bird must of got away, good job i ticked the whitburn bird last year or i would of being in tears :( i was first of the gugh and into the pub for a spot of late lunch, from here i decided enough was enough and changed my flight for 8:30am on thursday morn. I woke up at 6:30am and was ready for the taxi to pick me up at 7:30am, when i was waiting for my flight the attendant announced that the flight was delayed because of fog at lands end :( bugger. They gave me the option to fly to Newquay and they would pay for a taxi to lands end so i could pick my van up, which i agreed to, a 20 min journey turned into a 2 hour one :( sick of my life i was. When i eventually arrived at lands end i had planned to go for chough/cirl bunting, i did try for chough at lizard point but there was no sign :( i couldn't be bothered to even try for the cirl's and just headed straight home arriving at 10pm, very long day! but could i of made another lucky decision? as the weather forecast on the scillies is for heavy rain on fri & sat with gale force winds ;) oh dear, the flights would most likely be cancelled and the only way off would be by boat! in gale force winds! no thanks, good luck lads left on scillies ;) lol. To top it off there is a Pallid swift at Cleveland which has gone to roost in the church tower on the headland! :0 also in area is a Western bonelli's warbler :0 the swift would be a lifer if i get it at first light, fingers crossed. Lets hope i can make one last right decision? :)
Yellow-browed warbler at St Agnes


  1. Tales like this make me so glad I'm not a twitcher :) but I see it hasn't put you off. Back again next year then? And good luck with the swift, I suppose you deserve a lucky break :O

  2. Back again next year? No thanks, its good seeing a couple of megas, but the inbetween is crap! Slogging it around the island with little gain, the same old stuff turning up :( looking at past years i think the scillies isnt the place to go to anymore, shetland seems to have the pager buzzing more now. Being a fan of scottish islands, i have to give shetland a try one year to compare. Naturetrek have a trip to borneo next october, im sure i wont be bored shitless on that one if i book, birds in every bush i would imagine? Lol