Sunday, 6 October 2013

day 2 on the Scillies

Day 2 was a boat trip to St Agnes for a few goodies that have been on show for a few days now, but first off was a quick look to the garrison where a Lapland Bunting had been pinned down, new bird for the year :) also had yellow browed and pied flycatcher on the garrison. Whilst at the harbour a Purple heron and 2 peregrine flew over, on St Agnes i had Short Toed Lark and Rose-Coloured Starling both new for the year :) red breasted flycatch, whinchat, pied fly, yellolw wagtail. New moths for me were Deaths head hawk moth, Convolvulus hawk moth, Hummingbird hawk moth, Clouded yellow butterfly.
Short toed lark

Hummingbird hawk moth

Deaths head hawk moth

Clouded yellow

Convolvulus hawk moth


  1. Death's head hawk moth is a cracker mind. Was watching Ray Mears on the Scillies the other night. He says a lot of the common resident birds like dunnock are much bigger there than on the mainland. Is that right ?

  2. If they are i can't tell, although i did notice the bee's are bigger here.