Sunday, 13 October 2013

Grey-cheeked thrush in the bag :)

At last! Grey-cheeked thrush ticked :) it only took a five hour wait and then a couple of mad dashes to get the bird which showed well in the end, although the photos are not the best! but who cares after bagging a MEGA. Must of been about 70 birders packed into the churchyard looking at the bird which flew off after 10mins of viewing, the bird showed again for the few unhappy faces that didn't get there on time. I might try again for some better shots whilst waiting for some more ticks, i only ask for 3 more lifers and 11 year ticks ;) to hit my target, and with the forecast looking spot on from tuesday it could be on! ;) Black-and-white warbler / Red eyed vireo or a Bobolink would be nice :0  even an odd sib chucked in before the yanks arrive ;) i wish :) lol. Other birds seen today were Yellow-browed warbler and new for the trip list were wood warbler and kingfisher taking the trip list to 104, also had a scilly shrew dash in front of me in the church yard.
                                         Grey-cheeked thrush doing what it does best, in thick cover.
Joe about to do some crowd surfing after getting the Grey-cheeked thrush, mind he has probably had 10!

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