Thursday, 10 October 2013

Island trek

Started the day on the Garrison where i had a peregrine over the star castle hotel and a blackcap in the near pines, but not much else about. Bumped into Alan, Jo and Rob on the lower broom platform where they had a yellow-browed warbler, decided to give the bike a miss today and have a trek around the island with the lads which turned out a canny day, but the legs are paying for it now :( the route we took was Garrison-lower golf course path-peninnis head-old town-carn vean-telegraph and back to Hugh town, a few miles clocked up today. Best birds seen today were - wryneck/whimbrel/snow bunting/lapland bunting and richards pipit taking my trip list to 98 :0 fish cake and chips at the chippy finished a canny day, could be a quiet few days ahead with these n-ne winds forecast :( but who knows? my target for this trip was 20 year ticks and 5 lifers, so far iv'e had 1 lifer and 8 year ticks, 8 days left to do it! could i do it :0 sib chiffchaff is the target bird for tomorrow at content, until the pager beeps for a "MEGA" then i'll be off like a shot on the bike, lol.
Wheatear giving great views

Almost stood on this snow bunting which was giving amazing views

A cracking lapland bunting

Richards pipit which was found at telegaph


  1. Sounds like your having an exhausting time, you should come home to the North East where you can relax in the canny weather we are having (NOT)

  2. its not the hiking around thats getting to me, its the lack of lifers! cant complain about the Sora though ;)