Monday, 14 October 2013

Black redstart and chips

Just leaving the b&b when a ring ouzel was reported on the garrison, so this was my first port of call, it didn't take long before i was onto the bird at morning point :) new for the trip list. It soon flew off over the lower broom platform not to be seen again, bit of a slow day followed with most of my time spent on peninnis head photographing lapland buntings and in the church yard waiting for the thrush, but no luck with the thrush :( next was a trip to holy vale where i had a single yellow browed warbler, then the pager went for a little bunting near by :0 no sign of the bird within an hour search of the area but i did have a Helice clouded yellow butterfly (white form) which was a first for me :). Next was the chip shop for fishcake and chips, whilst eating them near the beach a Black redstart was feeding on the beach which then flew to the rocks, i managed to get a record shot before it flew off. Trip list stands at 106 :) only 4 days birding left on the scillies, lets hope they are good ones!
Lapland bunting showing well

stonechat roosting in a tree

Ring ouzel showed for a short while

Black redstart before flying off

Helice clouded yellow

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