Tuesday, 8 October 2013

the day that could of being

Bit of a run around day or cycle around in my case, checked lower moors, airfield and was at holy vale when a possible olive backed pipit was reported at the top of the island :0 there was no sign of the bird when i arrived but the farmer allowed 3 of us in the field for a search, but with no luck :( then a possible blyths reed warbler came on the pager :0 back to lower moors it was, there was a juv reed warbler in reeds at shooters pool, same area where blyths was reported?. Then the pager went again, olive backed pipit at porthloo duck pond, some guy said its the same place where the arctic warbler was? Just where i had been, so i cycled back :( only to find it was the wrong duck pond and infact it was 2 mins away from lower moors where i had just been :( off i went again, good job it was down hill . When i arrived there was about 30+ people at the site, i didnt have long to wait before the bird flew from the trees into a field :0 "gettin lifer"  me and a local were picked to flush the bird back into the trees with the nod from all other birders, i knew the spot where it had landed and as we reached the spot the bird flew up into the trees to give good but distant views :) then flew back into field and within 15mins the bird was back up and flew over the trees out of sight. off i went a happy chappy and decided to have a icecream to celebrate :) the high didnt last long though as the pager went again " tree pipit at porthloo duck pond not obp" oh dear :( lifer crossed off. It can only get better? New ticks today:- raven x2, tree pipit, chaffinch,  reed warbler and grey wag, taking my scillies trip list to 76.


  1. Hope Tilly has a bike as well :O Sounds like you were up and down more than the Fat Slags' knickers :)

  2. Lol, tilly had a bad paw again so had to leave her with my mam :( was going to hire a golf buggy but it would of cost £440 :0

  3. You might end up just playing golf at this rate, weather forecast isn't doing you any favours for a few days at least with the winds coming from oop north :(