Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nepal day 3

Jeep safari into the jungle and grasslands, photography suffered today as i was on the back of a 4x4 most of the day and the light was poor in the jungle, temp got up to 27c today :0 we traveled to the main river where we had a packed lunch then came back along the same road back to the lodge, along the way we got some cracking birds, flat tyre and caught in a bush fire :0 which turned out to be good as the birds were feeding on the insects trying to escape the flames.

New birds for trip
red jungle foul
lesser whisterling duck
grey capped pygmy woodpecker
himalayan goldenback
red headed trogon
long-tailed broadbill
common kingfisher
stork billed kingfisher
blue bearded bee-eater
green bee-eater
green-billed malkoha
greater coucal
lesser coucal
alexandrine parakeet
rose-ringed parakeet
plum-headed parakeet
red-breasted parakeet
himalayan swiftlet
white-rumped needletail
house swift
crested tree swift
large-tailed nightjar
eurasian collared dove
yellow-footed green pigeon
water rail
indian thick knee
red wattled lapwing
grey headed fish eagle
changeable hawk eagle
white-eyed buzzard
collared falconet
common kestrel
peregrine falcon
oriental darter
purple heron
red-naped ibis
asian openbill
wooly-necked stork
lesser adjutant
grey-backed shrike
ashy woodswallow
large cuckooshrike
scarlet minivet
ashy drongo
spangled drongo
white-rumped shama
black-backed forktail
common stonechat
white-tailed stonechat
chestnut-bellied nuthatch
great tit
plain martin
chestnut-capped babbler
yelloe-eyed babbler

Other wildlife
rhesus macaque monkey
common langur monkey
wild boar
spotted deer
hog deer
gharial crocodile
marsh mugger crocodile

spangled drongo

rhesus macaque

spotted dove

himalayan goldenback

plum-headed parakeets

alexandrine parakeets

grey-capped pygmy woodpecker

changeable hawk eagle

ashy woodswallow

green-billed malkoha

red-naped ibis

jungle owlet

grey headed fish eagle

scarlet minivet female

black-backed forktail

long-tailed broadbill

spotted deer

asian openbill

gharial crocodiles

intermediate, great white and little egrets


peregrine with baby gharial croc

iv'e got to send these peregrine shots of to Nepal as they are the first record of peregrines taken baby gharials

gw egret, ruddy "shel"ducks, cormorants and osprey in back



collared falconet feeding on insects from the fire

scarlet minivet male

grey-backed shrike

red-naped ibis

peacock displaying

crested tree swift

oriental darter

cinnamon bitteren

jungle track

mammal watch tower

flat tyre in the jungle

scanning the river

ready to go threw the fire :0

made it :)


  1. Dammit! thought the oriental darter was going to be a dragonfly :(
    Superb wildlife watching though, the stuff us mere mortals can only dream of.

  2. I did get 2 brief sightings of darter looking things but have no idea what they were :( same as the butterflies, no idea neither :(

  3. Really excellent stuff Steve. Ruddy Duck ? ;-/

    1. Typo I think, Ruddy Shelduck by the look of 'em, but then again, our last few Ruddys must have gone somewhere, so why not Nepal? :)

  4. Lol, you must of done Nepal already on your many travels? Or somewhere close with similar species, If not i would recommend it ;)

  5. Argh the penny has dropped :) yes ruddy shelducks they are ;) just thought the usual piss take was going on ;) lol