Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nepal trip day 5-7

Day five we traveled by bus from Chitwan to Koshi camp with a few stops on the way, the weather was drizzle all day :( good job we were on the bus for most of it but iut was a bit of a pain when we stopped for lunch and a spot of birding. One of the stops we were looking for Gangetic dolphin, which we managed to get cracking views of :) we past threw countryside on the way to the Koshi camp, it was a good way to view how people lived in Nepal, once we arrived in the east you could see a change in the way people lived and looked, Indian people were the people that lived in the east with just a few Nepalese. we arrived at the Koshi camp around 4pm where we were greeted with drinks and food, the next few days were a mix of cloudy in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, apart from the afternoon we went on a raft down the river where i tossed it down all the way :( as soon as we got back to the camp the sun came out! great place though with such birds in the camp as: siberian rubythroat, brown shrike,whites thrush, thick billed warbler, blyths warbler, barbets, babblers, owls, storks, crakes, raptors, flying foxes and a jackal :0 here are days 5-7 in photos.

New birds for trip
swamp francolin
bar-headed goose
indian spot-billed duck
northern pintail
ferruginous duck
brown-capped pygmy woodpecker
streak-throated woodpecker
grey-headed woodpecker
lesser goldenback
blue-throated barbet
coppersmith barbet
asian koel
alpine swift
spotted owlet
short-eared owl
oriental turtle dove
red collared dove
orange-breasted green pigeon
ruddy-breasted crake
purple swamphen
yellow-wattled lapwing
indian courser
small pratincole
little tern
white-rumped vulture
short-toed snake eagle
hen harrier
himalayan buzzard
red-necked falcon
little grebe
great crested grebe
little cormorant
yellow bittern
black-headed ibis
black stork
brown shrike
southern grey shrike
black-winged cuckoo shrike
white-throated fantail
white-bellied drongo
bronzed drongo
greater racket-tailed drongo
common iora
common woodshrike
white's thrush
grey-winged blackbird
grey bushchat
asian pied starling
hill myna
blyth's reed warbler
thick-billed warbler
siberian chiffchaff
dusky warbler
smokey warbler
tickell's leaf warbler
whistler's warbler
ashy-crowned sparrow lark
great short-toed lark
sand lark
oriental skylark
richard's pipit
tawny pipit

Other wildlife
indian flyingfox
indian pipistrelle
asiatic golden jackal
indian grey mongoose
gangetic dolphin
sambar deer
wild water buffalo

the birding bus

outskirts of Kathmandu

towns on the way to Koshi camp


hand petrol pump

indian woman outside her home

my tent at Koshi, right next to the hide :0 a jackel did pass one day though :/

Koshi camp

birding out side the food hall

kids wanting photos took, they gathered around me for photos

the main track we were birding from at Koshi

local houses at Koshi

tea for anyone

one of the rafts

setting up

and then the rain started :(

last morning at Koshi, breakfast outside

bird feeding area and reedbeds behind

enjoying breakfast

village around Koshi

locals at Koshi

taxi bike

small pratincole

gangetic dolphin
lesser flameback


bull elephant

white's thrush

siberian rubythroat

common hawk cuckoo

asiatic golden jackal

small pratincole

red whiskered bulbul

blue bearded barbet

brown shrike

hill myna

long tailed nightjar

bronze winged jacana

brown fish owl

brown fish owl

coppersmiths barbet

blue bearded barbet

spotted owl

whistlers warbler

grey headed canary flycatcher

common woodshrike

cattle egrets and intermediate egret

yellow bittern

white rumped vulture

black headed ibis and intermediate egret

green bee-eater

grey winged blackbird

indian mongoose

white breasted waterhen

red vented bulbul

rufous treepie

jungle myna

white throated fantail

little cormorant

white rumped vulture

indian thick knee

cattle egrets

bar headed geese

swamp francolin

southern grey shrike

oriental skylark

yellow wattled lapwing

indian courser

alpine swift

asian pied starling

oriental magpie robin
verditer flycatcher

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