Monday, 24 February 2014

Nepal trip day 4

Day 4 was an action packed day :0 an elephant ride in the morning into the Chitwan reserve, followed by a boat ride down the river Rapti. The day started a bit misty, then folowed by on and off sunshine, the 2 dodgy moments of the day were caught up in another bush fire and being charged by a rhino with her baby :0 good job the elephant driver knew how to handle the situation, by just standing his ground the rhino soon backed off, close one lol. Apart from the rhino charge the elephant ride was great as i had the guide on the back with me ;) so when we flushed the birds he knew what they were ;) when we returned to the lodge we had a look around the grounds to pick some new birds up. here is the new bird list and photos.

New birds for today
black francolin
common teal
fulvous breasted woodpecker
pied kingfisher
collared scops owl
brown fish owl
ashy headed green pigeon
green sandpiper
common sandpiper
temmincks stint
river lapwing
oriental honey buzzard
black-winged kite
dark throated thrush
taiga flycatcher
verditer flycatcher
pale-chinned flycatcher
grey-headed canary flycatcher
siberian rubythroat
chestnut-tailed starling
red-whiskered bulbul
zitting cisticola
bright-capped cisticola
grey-breasted prinia
oriental white-eye
humes leaf warbler
greenish warbler
western crowned warbler
striated babbler
slender-billed babbler
white-bellied erpornis
citrine wagtail
grey wagtail
paddyfield pipit
olive-backed pipit
rosy pipit
scaly-breasted munia

Other wildlife
jungle cat
hog deer
marsh mugger

morning mist

rhino with baby, not the one that charged, the baby was smaller

part of the group on elephant back

another bush fire before we got in boats

all aboard

local women logging

marsh mugger to close :/

a bit further away :)

look at the gob on that

gharial in the water, look at those teeth

citrine wagtails everywhere

pied kingfisher

white-browed wagtail

wow, verditer flycatcher a bit wet

striated babbler on left and olive-backed pipit on right with wryneck in grass below "honest"

black-winged kite

hog deer

lesser adjutant

intermediate egret

asian openbills

drifting past a rhino on our boat :/

red-naped ibis or black ibis

wooly-necked stork

white-tailed stonechat

oriental honey buzzard

black-winged kite

fulvous-breasted woodpecker

back to the bar after a good days birding ;)

waiting for the bbq to strike up ;)

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  1. Superb photography Steven, like you say, trip of a lifetime (until the next one :)