Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nepal trip final days 8-10

Day 8 was spent with a mornings birding in the Koshi camp followed by a short flight to Kathmandu where we spent the afternoon having a look around the city, what a mental place! traffic bumper to bumper dodging each other, loads of shops with the goods next to nothing, fascinating place :)
Day 9 was an early morning start heading up the Kathmandu valley "phulchoki mountain", we had to pick up 2 armed police guards on the way as a few rebels are robbing tourists in the mountains :/ we had no problem on the mountain. We drove as far as we could get in the 4x4's until the ice stopped us, then it was a walk back down birding, some great species we gort here. We also stopped in at the botanical gardens at the bottom of the mountain for some more birding which turned out to be a good stop, few flycatchers and barbets here. Then back to the hotel for our final meal together, and to do the final list.
Day 10 was a quick morning look at the shops before heading to the airport for the first of 3 flight for me :( best holiday iv'e ever had and it's made me decide to have my 2 holidays a year in another country birding, i would like to do Texas, Africa and South America on my next hols, but lets see :) here is the final shots from my Nepal trip, a look around Kathmandu and birds on the Phulchoki mountain.

New birds for trip
great barbet
golden-throated barbet
red-billed blue magpie
small minivet
long-tailed minivet
white-collard blackbird
slaty-backed flycatcher
rufous-gorgeted flycatcher
red-flanked blue tail male :)
blue-fronted redstart
white-tailed nuthatch
green-backed tit
black-lored tit
yellow-browed tit
black-throated tit
black bulbul
buff-barred warbler
grey-hooded warbler
striated laughingthrush
chestnut-crowned laughingthrush
white-browed shrike babbler
hoary-throated barwing
chestnut-tailed siva
white-browed fulvetta
rufous sibia
whiskered yuhina
stripe-throated yuhina
yellow-bellied flowerpecker
fire-breasted flowerpecker
purple sunbird
green-tailed sunbird
fire-tailed sunbird
bar-tailed cuckoo dove
brown bullfinch
common woodpigeon selfound rare visitor  

Other wildlife
orange-bellied squirrel
yellow-throated marten
flight back to Kathmandu

mount everest

fields from the flight

the outskirts of Kathmandu

photos from Kathmandu

Hotel in Kathmandu and the 4x4's used for the mountain

green-tailed sunbird

buff barred warbler

green-tailed sunbird female

bar-tailed cuckoo dove, selfound scarce and elusive bird

hoary-throated barwing, selfound scarce and elusive bird

white- browed fulvetta

chestnut-crowned laughingthrush

orange-bellied squirrel

white-collared blackbird

wcb female

oriental turtle doves

blue-fronted redstart

white-capped redstart

dark-throated thrush

black bulbul

great barbet

rufous-gorgeted flycatcher

black-throated tit

indian house crow

plumbeous redstart

the Naturetrek group Nepal 2014

Goodbye from Nepal


  1. Excellent Steven, a superb photo-account of what looked like a brilliant experience. I think I told you yonks ago that going to see birds in their own country was better than chasing stragglers around Britain, hope you believe me now :)

  2. Super report Steven with some great pictures. Thas looks like the Birtley Bishop, back left in the group photo!