Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nepal trip day 1 and day 2

Just arrived back from a Naturetrek birdwatching holiday to Nepal, what a great place with 256 species of bird seen in just 10days :0 204 of them were lifers :) heres how the trip went:
day 1 flew from Newcastle to heathrow, but before i set of i went for the Myrtle warbler in Durham which i got within half an hour :) looking forward to seeing summer plumage american warblers in Texas next year :) this bird was in winter plumage, not that attractive but still a good bird to put on the British list. so i arrived in Heathrow, next was a flight to Quatar then a flight to Nepal, a total of 22 hours to get to Nepal from Newcastle. I was greeted by Tika, my guide for the tour, great guy and a great birder. wWe arrived at the Marshyangdi hotel to a very warm welcome, we had a get together to discuss the plans and then have our evening meal. 6am start on day 2 where we were traveling to the Royal Chitwan reserve, birding on the way :0 and what a birding day it turned out to be. We arrived at the Chitwan lodge around 2pm, we just dumped our bags and went to the open hide which looked across the reserve which was full of birds and mammals, here is a list of birds and mammals i seen on day 1 and 2 also some photos from the 2 days.

in red are lifers
indian peafowl
ruddy shelduck
grey capped pygmy woodpecker
fulvous breasted woodpecker
indian roller
white throated kingfisher
common hawk cuckoo
jungle owlet
brown hawk owl
savanna nightjar
spotted dove
brown crake
white breasted waterhen
common hoopoe
common pigeon
common moorhen
bronze winged jacana
little ringed plover
black kite
himalayan griffon
crested serphant eagle
indian spotted eagle
greater spotted eagle
steppe eagle
booted eagle
great cormorant
little egret
great white egret
cattle egret
intermediate egret
indian pond heron
black crowned night heron
cinnamon bittern
golden fronted leaf bird
long tailed shrike
rufous treepie
house crow
large billed crow
black hooded oriole
black drongo
brown dipper
blue rock thrush
blue whistling thrush
oriental magpie robin
hodgsons redstart
white capped redstart
plumbeous redstart
pied bushchat
common myna
jungle myna
barn swallow
red rumped swallow
himalayan bulbul
red vented bulbul
plain prinia
grey sided bush warbler
common tailerbird
rufous rumped grassbird
jungle babbler
thick billed flowerpecker
crimson sunbird
house sparrow
tree sparrow
white wagtail
white browed wagtail
yellow vented flowerpecker self found, only 2nd ever recorded in central Nepal, so a good find.

rhesus macaque monkey
jungle cat
greater one horned rhino
spotted deer
hog deer
plumbeous redstart

white capped redstart

ibisbill which i spotted feeding down the river

common hawk cuckoo

long tailed shrike

crested serphant eagle

white throated kingfisher

white browed wagtail

indian pond heron

brown dippers

hooded oriole

rufous treepie

blue whisterling thrush

common myna

jungle myna

greater spotted eagle

black kite

jungle cat crossed the river next to us

rhuino at the chitwan reserve

the mountain road to chitwan

river where ibisbills winter

part of the group looking at the ibisbill

locals house

lunch time by the river


the bar and restaurant at chitwan

the lodges

my lodge

a few beers around the fire

watching the local dancers


  1. Looks shite, bet you're glad to be home ;)

  2. Lol, best holiday iv'e ever had :) don't know why iv'e been holidaying in Britain, might even cancel Shetland and shoot off to Africa? :0