Tuesday, 7 May 2013

15 min wood sand

A Wood sandpiper was found today at Lamesley water meadows by Paul Davidson which only stayed for 15mins, just the right time for me to tick it :0 shame it did'nt hang around for others to see it aswell ;) i checked the rest of Gateshead today, but nothing new to report. A Temminck's stint at saltholme was tempting :0 but decided to opt out as i was packing my caravan ready for my Norfolk trip which i'm bringing forward as there is a chance of Red Footed Falcon at Lakenheath :0 i'm sure i'll be knee deep in Temminck's and other birds in Norfolk!!! here we go, bring on the ticks :) should be on 230 for the year when i get back, then it's off to the Cairngorms soon after for some more ticks :0 :0 :0 :) and maybe a trip to Mull? could bring me close to the 250 mark, then iv'e still got October in Norfolk :0 hope to top my record of 277.
Wood sandpiper @ Lamesley wm - photo Paul Davidson

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