Saturday, 18 May 2013

Home sweet home

Back home now and straight into the action :) went to hartlepool for the reported Blyth's reed warbler which turned out to be a Reed warbler :( never mind though, i thought it was a good chance to catch up with the Lesser Scaup which was on the allotment pool this evening. I also had 2 yellow wags and a couple of wheatears on seaton common, also got the wood sandpiper at lamesley water meadows back on home turf :) just got to wait for a fine weekend now for a trip to speyside where 9 year ticks await me :0
Wood sandpiper @ lamesley water meadows in the rain

Yellow wagtail @ seaton common

Tree sparrow @ kibblesworth

Common sandpiper @ shibdon pond on the only patch to feed on due to the high water levels :( shame the migrating waders can't stop off to feed :( one good thing about the high water levels is the frankenstien duck population's nest's will be flooded out :) shame other breeding birds nest's will be flooded though :(


  1. Steven

    The water level is always kept high from May until late July to protect breeding birds from predation. Shibdon has never been a spring passage wader site for that reason yesterdays weather may well wash some birds out, but the rain was pretty exceptional. Sadly the dodgy ducks and Canada geese will probably survive as you say.There are plenty of places in the borough far more suitable than Shibdon for migrating waders to stop and feed. I think on balance it is more important to try and afford some protection to nesting birds on such a small urban site.

  2. I agree with you on protecting the nest from predation, how ever i disagree on that shibdon has never been a spring passage site for waders, i have seen many waders at shibdon this time of year. I also disagree on the weather been the cause of the high water levels, there was a good population of dabbling ducks, coot, moorhen, water rail before the sluice was closed and most of these birds moved on when the sluice was closed, in fact the pond was more or less deserted except for a few remaining canada geese, dodgy ducks, the odd coot and moorhen. Yes, then the weather had its part to play and surely this would be a good time to open the sluice? so to protect the nesting birds which are already sitting or feeding young? yes, one of the reasons i would like to see a little bit mud is to see some waders on my local patch, i don't think leaving a little mud for a bit longer would have a negative affect? if anything it could only benifit all wildlife? i think leaving a little mud until the end of may is not to much to ask and it's keeping the local birdwatchers happy who visit shibdon on a daily basis unlike the organisation who are supposed to be managing the site, not to worry though :( what say have i got :)