Thursday, 23 May 2013

All 4 skua's in a session

Went to Bowness-on-solway this morning hoping to bag a long-tailed skua and a Pomarine skua :0 the wind direction looked good in the morning on a incoming tide, but it was feezing cold so decided not to seawatch from the viaduct and just to stay in the warmth of my landrover, got there for 6am and left at 12pm and was unlucky only had 6 skua's all morning :( what a long morning, i even fell asleep at 7:30am for 1 hour that's how slow it was :) lol. My luck was in though as the 6 skua's i did have consisted of all 4 species :0 first a Pomarine skua come into the bay at 8:45am and went straight back out, next 2 Bonxies past and flew east over land at 9am and 9:05am, next came the star bird :0 Long-tailed skua which also flew east and over land at 9:32am and a second Pomarine skua also flew east over land at 9:55am, only leaving Arctic skua which finally arrived at 10:35am. I managed to get a few shots of the Bonxie and pom but the other 2 got away before i could get the camera out of the back of the landrover :( next stop was home for a couple of hours sleep, thats why im posting now. Good day at the office taking my year list to 228.

couple of shots of one of the Pom skuas


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