Sunday, 19 May 2013

What a day!!!

Set off for holy island this morning where a rustic bunting and red backed shrike had been seen, i just got to the west chev turn off on the A1 when my pager started beeping :0 GREAT REED WARBLER (British lifer) at east chev! i took the turn off straight away and made my way to the site, managed to get the bird after a 40min wait singing and showing well threw a scope. Next i went to low newton for a red backed shrike which i just got a brief view off :( but managed to get a nice male at holy island where my next stop was, the main target bird LESSER GREY SHRIKE which came on the pager when i was at low newton, it showed ok in the fog near the main car park. Didn't no which way to turn as birds were turning up everywhere :0 but couldn't resist the 87 miles to hartlepool where a cracking THRUSH NIGHTINGALE (British lifer)  was on show, and good at that :) great day's birding, sure to be some more bird found tomorrow as the weather looks the same again? lets just hope they are all in the same place!!! only shots i got today were off the Thrush Nightingale as the rest were in poor conditions :( shame.
Thrush Nightingale @ Hartlepool, the croft area

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