Friday, 3 May 2013

Pied fly lunch break

Recieved a text from the dragonhunter ''Pied flycatcher derwent cp'' :0 just i was arriving home for my lunch break, ''on my way'' i said :0 10 mins after i arrived on site the dragonhunter found it again :0 ''get in'' i shouted, a long waited for Pied flycatcher was perched in a tree right in front of me showing well, the only thing was in the hurry to see the bird i forgot to bring my camera out with me :( doh! not to worry the the views made up for it, great find dragonhunter and thanks for the tick ;) keep them coming! you've made my day :) and tilly's, you've added pied fly to her list on her 6th birthday, if she was keeping a list that is ;)
Singing Crossbill

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