Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 2

Just a quick update as its getting late and i need to get up early for a trip to minsmere for a savi's warbler, heres the highlights from today and some shots.
Red Footed Falcon
Cett's Warbler x 5
Hobby x 16
Stone curlew
Temmink's stint x 2
Bearded tit x 3
Bittern x 4
Common crane x 6
Egyptian goose x 4
were new for the year, other highlights
marsh harrier x 12
cuckoo x 4
barn owl
grasshopper warbler
red kite
little egret x 3
chinese water deer, munjac deer, fox, hare and hairy dragonfly also seen.
9 new for year and trip list is 106 on 2nd day.


  1. Hairy Hawker, newly emerged male by the looks of it, nice. Hope it wasn't anywhere near all those hobbys :(

  2. It was as it happens :( i thought the dragonhunter would get his eye on that shot ;)